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Video Intercom - DSS Express

VDP Config Tool

Click Here To Download VDP Config Tool



Device Configuration Page: In homepage, long press Settings for 6 seconds. Device pops up Password Verification box.

Default password for these devices is one of the following:

  • 002236
  • 888888
  • 123456
  • User password initially is 123456.
  • Unlock password initially is null.
  • Arm password initially is 123456.
  • Disarm password initially is 123456.
  • Anti-hijack password initially is 654321.

VideoIntercomVillaDiagram.png Video communication between indoor monitor and outdoor station:

  • Indoor monitor monitors the outdoor station, and supports remote door releasing
  • Hand free communication, 7-inch TFT LCD touch screen for your free choice
  • Store the visitor’s picture and audio message automatically
  • Integrate IP camera and SIP Phone
  • Compatible to up to 8 security sensors( burglar, fire, gas leakage, etc)
  • Emergency button to call the service center
  • Remote control by PC clients or cell phone terminal
  • Support the free communication with other sub-indoor monitors in the same house
  • Villa VTO only supports to add 1 Master VTH. Any new Master VTH will replace current VTH.(Master VTH supports up to 4 sub VTHs)

VideoIntercomApartmentDiagram.png Adopt TCP/IP network standard protocol

  • Support no number limit for indoor monitor
  • Integrate IP camera and SIP Phone
  • Support the free communication with other residents in the same community
  • Easy to realize the video communication, remote unlock, message service, and remote control functions, etc