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  • Bare stranded copper conductor
  • 305m UTP CAT6

Compatible Body Type

  • X

Compatible IP Cameras

  • X

Compatible HD-CVI Cameras

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Model  PFM921
Conductor Material  Bare copper(BC)
Composition  1/0.56
Wire gauge  23AWG*4P
Insulation Material  HDPE
Min. average thickness  0.2mm
Diameter  1.0+/-0.05mm
Color(4 Pairs)  Orange, white/orange; green, white/green; blue, white/blue; brown, white/brown
Lay of twisted conductors  160mm
Jacket Material  PVC(65P)
Min. average thickness  0.65mm
Diameter  6.5+/-0.1mm
Color  Gray
Length  305m
Max. DC resistance of single conductor  6.58Ω/100m
Max. unblance rate of line pairs' direct current resistance  2.5%
Min. insulation resistance  5000MΩ•Km
Max. mutual capacitance  5.6NF/100m
Max. attenuation  19.8(dB/100m, 100MHz)
General Rated voltage  300V
Bandwidth  250MHz
Carried standard  TIA/EIA-568B
Working temperature   
Packaging length  305m trolley case packaging
Weight(with packaging)  13.0Kg
Packaging dimension  335*265*350mm