SmartPSS Lite

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SmartPSS Lite
User Manual Access Control Manual Attendance Manual Specsheet Download


SmartPSS Lite is a lightweight platform that plays a core role in business and security for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). It offers video surveillance, access control and various attendance functions. Built to be versatile, it provides direct access to the web client, and features P2P linking, real-time monitoring, video playback, event center, access control and attendance


SmartPSS Lite P2P Setup
Initial Setup of DHI-ASC3202B in SmartPSS Lite
How to Setup First Card Unlock in SmartPSS Lite
How to Setup Anti-Passback in SmartPSS Lite
How to Setup Multi-card Unlock in SmartPSS Lite
How to Setup Holiday Schedule in SmartPSS Lite