3rd Party VMS/Control4/Add Dahua IP Camera to Control4

How to Add Dahua IP Camera to Control4


This guide will cover how to add a supported Dahua IP camera to the Control4 System.

A specialized driver allows a Control4 dealer to add an Security icon in the watch menu. This will enable the Control4 System to use the Monitor-Out/HDMI/VGA connector to integrate Dahua devices.


Instructions for installing Dahua drivers on Control4 Composer

After installing Composer, navigate to the default directory that contains the drivers:


Download the Dahua drivers:

Copy/paste or drag the files into the directory C:\Users\User\Documents\Control4\Drivers

Add Dahua Driver to Control4 Composer.jpg

Video Instructions

Coming Soon

Step by Step Instructions

1. Make sure the camera has been updated to the correct supported firmware:

The full list of supported firmware can be found at 3rd Party VMS/Control4

Firmware version used for this guide: V2.800.10SA000.0.T, Build Date: 2019-03-14

Also make sure the camera is factory defaulted before beginning setup by going into System>Default>Factory Default

Factory default camera.jpg

2. Open Control4 Composer. If this is the first time loading the program, you will be prompted to enter your Control4 account credentials:

Control 4 Setup 1.jpg

3. After logging in a prompt will appear. Select the type of connection the computer has to the Control4 Controller. Make sure the controller is powered on and connected to the network. In this case the computer is on the same network as the EA1 Controller, so Local System is selected

Control 4 Setup 2.jpg

4. The software will scan the local network and give a prompt with any discovered devices. Select the controller then click Connect

Control 4 Setup 4.jpg

5.To begin adding devices, select the 'Discovered' tab in the System Design interface to pull up devices on the local network that have been automatically detected by the software

Control 4 Setup 4.5.jpg

6. Begin by adding the Control4 devices on the network, such as the C4-EA1 Controller and Wireless Monitor. You can double click the item in the list to add or Right Click>Add to Project

Control 4 Setup 6.5.jpg

7. Added devices will auto populate the device tree on the left side of the screen

Control 4 Setup 6.6.jpg

8. To find the Dahua device over the network, click the Search tab in the top right of the screen. Type 'dahua' then press Enter

Control 4 Add IPC.jpg

9. Right click the 'Dahua NVR Fixed Camera' entry and select Add to Project

Control 4 Add IPC 2.jpg

10. The camera will appear in the device tree list on the left. In the device Properties window in the center, enter the authentication information for the camera.

Enter the IP/network information of the camera, username/password for the camera (click 'Set' after making any adjustments)

Control 4 Add IPC 4.jpg

Under Advanced Properties, change the H.264 Video Stream to 1 to use the Sub Stream from the camera.

If the stream is set to Main Stream you may experience some lag/delay

Control 4 Add IPC 3.jpg

11. To update the project to other Control4 devices, in Composer go to File>Refresh Navigators

Control4 Add Recorder x4.jpg

12. The camera stream will now appear under the 'Security' option in the Control4 interface, such as the Control4 Tabletop Touch Screen, which will be used for this guide.




Note - Setting Stream Type

It is necessary to configure the Control4 interface to pull the substream video from the Dahua device rather than the main stream. Pulling the main stream can cause delays in streaming video which can result in slow video streaming on the Control4 Panel.

Under the Advanced Properties of the selected device:

Control 4 How To Use Sub Stream NVR 1.jpg

Change H264 or MJPEG Video Stream to 1

Control 4 How To Use Sub Stream NVR 2.jpg

Click Set to save the setting

Control 4 How To Use Sub Stream NVR 3.jpg