3rd Party VMS/uVMS


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uVMS is a web-based Video Management and Network Video Recorder System (VMS / NVR) for publishing, viewing and recording of live streams from any type of video camera or software / hardware video encoder.

This is not a hosted service but a software that you run on your own server. Ability to publish live audio-video from WebRTC browsers, RTMP encoders, RTSP IP cameras, iOS/Android-based encoder apps, webcams and capture cards.

  • Near real-time streaming video with HTML5 WebRTC player, HTML5 MSE player, Flash player, Unreal Media Player and HLS.
  • Time-shifting support: play live with ability to seek back in time.
  • All major browsers on all OS and mobile devices are supported.
  • Manual and scheduled recording to mp4 / mkv / asf files.
  • Searchable database of playable recordings.
  • Multiple access control levels and user rights.
  • Instant download of recorded files for system operators.

uVMS installation, configuration and operation is demonstrated in the Video tutorial on YouTube


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  • Seamless integration with your existing A/V sources
  • IP based video sources can feed streams to Unreal Media and Archival servers.
  • RTSP IP cameras / encoders or MPEG2-TS broadcasting equipment can serve streams directly to Unreal Media Server over IP.
  • For computer-based video acquisition such as USB cameras or your own custom application, you can use Unreal Live Server: a software live encoder that will send the encoded A/V to Unreal Media Server.


  • Windows Server 2008 / 2012 R2 / 2016
  • IIS (Internet Information Services)
  • A Working RTSP URL-Instructions Here
  • Microsoft SQL Server (free or commercial)



User: admin

Password: admin


  • Unreal Media Server
  • Unreal Archival Server

Default Ports

  • 5119
  • 5130
  • 5135
  • 443
  • 80
  • 5120



  • Administrator-Manages operators, users, system settings and configuration.
  • Operators-Manages cameras and recordings.
  • Registered User-Can connect cameras to uVMS and view protected streams, unavailable for public users.
  • Public Users-Visitor to the portal; public users can view live and recorded feeds that are assigned "public" visibility level only.



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WARNING! "Unsafe Safe File Scripts" must be enabled in order for this to work! WARNING! This will stop being an issue after I add an SSL to the server.