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Quick Start Guide

Note: For more information and instructions on how to operate your Dahua device, please visit www.DahuaWiki.com

Inventory: Unpack and ensure all items included with the package are present.


IP Camera


  • Mount or Accessory
  • Mounting hardware

Necessary (Hardware Not Included)

  • 3.5” Hard Drive
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • CAT5 Network Cable for cameras
  • Internet Connection and Router/Modem (Required for Remote Access)
  • VGA or HDMI Display (Preferably 1080P or higher resolution)

Initial Setup:

1. Location: Determine where you will install your system. Ideally, this should be somewhere close to your modem or router.

DSC 1931 (Large).JPG

2. Connect the mouse to the system’s USB port found on the back of the system.

DSC 1932 (Large).JPG

3. (Optional) Connect a network cable to the system and your router or modem.

DSC 1933 (Large).JPG+DSC 1934 (Large).JPG

4. Connect a VGA or HDMI cable to the system and the display.

DSC 1940 (Large).JPG

6. Connect the power cable to your system and surge protector.

DSC 2032 (Large).JPG

7. Connect your cameras to the back of the system (and power, if applicable).

8. (If Applicable)Flip the power switch on the back of the unit to boot up your system.

Quick Setup:

Quick Start Wizard: Once the system has booted up, a window will pop-up guiding you through the initial setup of your system. You can change these settings later in case you make a mistake.

Recording, Playback, and Backup:

Recording: Schedule or Motion



Remote Access:

Remote Access-PC

Remote Access-Mobile: iDMSS(iPhone) / gDMSS(Android)