DSS Windows/Express/Update Firmware



  • DSS Express Server:DSS4004-S2
  • User Name, Password, and IP address of DSS Express Server
  • BIN firmware update file
  • 7Zip or WinRAR

Firmware Downloads


Models Description Specifications Manual
DSS Express V8 Logo.jpg DSS Express V8 (Latest Version)
Pay-as-you-go Security Software for SMB
DSS Pro V8 Logo.jpg DSS Pro V8 (Latest Version)
High Available Security Software for Enterprise
DSS Express Computers image WEB.png DSS Express V7
Easy-to-Use and Reliable Dahua VMS
DSS Pro Image Web.png DSS Pro V7
Comprehensive and Expandable Dahua VMS


Models Image Firmware V7 V7 Patch Files Firmware V8.0.2
(your DSS must be on latest V7 to upgrade to this version)
Firmware V8.1
(your DSS must be on v8.0.2 or 8.0.4 to upgrade to this version)
HDD Max Capacity Max HDD Supported EOL
DHI-DSS7016DR-S2 DSS7016D.jpg

Build Date: 12-11-2020

Build Date: 12-16-2022

Build Date: 12-16-2021

Build Date: 11-26-2022
8TB 16 No
DHI-DSS4004-S2 DSS4004.png

Build Date: 12-17-2020

Build Date: 12-08-2022

Build Date: 12-16-2021

Build Date: 11-26-2022
8TB 4 No

Step by Step Instructions

Firmware Download and Preparations

1. Download the firmware for your device in the above links.

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade1.png

2. Downloaded file will be in *.tar.gz, and will need to be extracted using 7Zip or WinRAR. Right-Click on the file and select, "Extract here"

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade2.png -> DSS Express Firmware Upgrade3.png

3. Once the file is extracted there will be a new file in the folder using a *.tar format. Locate that file, right-click, and select, "Extract here"

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade4.png -> DSS Express Firmware Upgrade5.png

4. A folder will be created, inside that folder is a *.BIN file. This is the file used to update the DSS Express Server.

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade6.png -> DSS Express Firmware Upgrade7.png

ConfigTool Download

1. Go to the config web page of your DSS Express Server. Example:

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade8.png

2. Click, "Download Config Tool"

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade9.png

3. This will download a *.ZIP file. Locate that file, and extract its contents.

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade10.png

4. This will extract several files including, "ConfigTool.exe" locate the file and double click on it to launch ConfigTool.

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade11.png

Update Firmware

1. Click, "Login"

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade12.png

2. Input your DSS Express's server IP, User Name, and Password.

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade13.png

3. Click, "Login"

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade14.png

4. Click, "Open"

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade15.png

5. Locate the BIN file you extracted earlier.

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade16.png

6. Click, "Open"

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade17.png

7. Click, "Upgrade" to being the firmware update.

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade18.png

8. System will being the firmware update process. Once complete the system will reboot, and then will be accessible over the network.

DSS Express Firmware Upgrade19.png -> DSS Express Firmware Upgrade20.png