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SmartPSS-AC is new platform software featuring lightweight, flexibility and specialization. It is designed for small and medium scenarios in solutions and can connect to various Dahua security products. Users can easily obtain the needed platform client that is used by corresponding solution.

Currently SmartPSS-AC has full function modules for attendance check and access solutions. It can connect to Dahua attendance check terminal, fingerprint/card/password access control devices, and access controller. It can meet the needs for attendance check of small and medium enterprises, such as making shift schedule, arranging staff shift, extracting attendance data, processing abnormality data, and exporting report.

In access solution, there are some new functions, such as scheduled extraction of attendance records at multiple time points, feedback function to improve user experience and more.


  • Connect to attendance terminal and access controller.
  • Up to 64 channels access (64 channels of attendance terminal and access control).
  • Make attendance check for up to 1000 people.
  • Report real-time attendance data.
  • Extract staff information from device.
  • Extract attendance information from device.
  • Send staff information from platform to device.
  • Support maintenance functions, such as IP modification, initialization, time configuration and restart.


Technical Specifications

Device Quantity Max 64 (64 channels of attendance terminal and access control)
Channel Quantity Max 64 (64 channels of attendance terminal and access control)
Attendance Check
Personnel Quantity Up to 1000 people
Records Quantity Supported for Export Max 100,000
Period Max 32
Shift Max 32
Holiday Max 32
Shifts for One Person Max 32
Access Control
Personnel Quantity Up to 1000 people
Time Template Max 128
Period of One Day Max 4
Holiday Plan Max 16
Anti-passback Group Max 2
First Card Unlock Record Max 64
Multi Card Unlock Record Max 64
Other Features
Client Status CPU status, storage status and alarm status
User Management User role and authority
Log Client log and device log
Operation System
Minimum Configuration Requirement

CPU: Intel i3
Memory: 4gb
HDD: 80gb

System Requirement Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Resolution 1280x800 or higher