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Models Description Specifications Manual
DSS Express V8 Logo.jpg DSS Express V8 (NEW)
Pay-as-you-go Security Software for SMB
DSS Pro V8 Logo.jpg DSS Pro V8 (NEW)
High Available Security Software for Enterprise
DSS Express Computers image WEB.png DSS Express V7
Easy-to-Use and Reliable Dahua VMS
DSS Pro Image Web.png DSS Pro V7
Comprehensive and Expandable Dahua VMS


Models Image Specifications Quick Start Guide Manual Firmware V7 Firmware V8.0.2 Firmware V8.1
(your DSS must be on v8.0.2 or 8.0.4 to upgrade to this version)
HDD Max Capacity Max HDD Supported EOL
DHI-DSS7016DR-S2 DSS7016D.jpg
8TB 16 No
DHI-DSS4004-S2 DSS4004.png
8TB 4 No