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Dahua Thermal Solution With Milestone

milestone thermal integration.png


Installation and Setup

How To Use


Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution with Milestone

VMS Tested: Milestone Corporate 2019 R3, device pack 10.8a

Dahua Thermal Cameras:

Model Camera Firmware Required
TPC-BF5421-T DH_TPC-BF5X21-TBHTM_Eng_P_V2.631.0000000.16.T.200416
TPC-BF5421-T DH_TPC-BF7X21-5421-2221_MultiLang_PN_V2.631.0000000.25.T.200417
TPC-BF3221-T DH_TPC-BF3221-7121_Eng_P_V2.631.0000000.16.T.200416


Video Instructions

Dahua Thermal Solution Total Setup with Milestone VMS:

How To Install Thermal Solution Plugin Milestone VMS:

Dahua Thermal Solution Plugin in Use with XProtect Client Milestone VMS:

Dahua Thermal Solution Alarm Feature with XProtect Client Milestone VMS: