DSS Express

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DSS Express V7


Models Image Specifications Quick Start Guide Manual Firmware V7 Individual HDD Capacity HDD Drives EOL
DHI-DSS4004-S2 DSS4004.png

Build Date: 12-17-2020
8TB 4 No


*Please note that the default username/password for DSS Express V7 during first installation will be "system / 123456", respectively.

Models Download
DSS Express V7 (Standard Version)

Build Date: 05-27-2021
DSS Express V7 (for Thermal Solution)

Build Date: 08-15-2020


DSS Local Storage

  • 1 partition per physical HDD
  • Separate physical drives are needed for each recording function
  • HDD format recommendation is in NTFS

The following features do not currently work on V1.000.10BE000.0.R.20190813:

  • P2P on DSS4004-S2 and DSS7016-S2
  • DDNS
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Video Intercom not on SIP 2.0 Firmware


Function DSS Express V7
IP Cameras up to 256
Local Recording No
Facial Detection Cameras 2
ANPR Cameras 2
Access Control Controllers & Door 100/512
Intercom 128
Install Server & Client on Separate PC's? No

Name Icon DSS Pro V7 DSS Express V7
Live View DSS Express Live View.png
Playback DSS Express Device Playback.png
Emap DSS Express Emap.png
Event Center DSS Express Event Center.png
Video Wall DSS Express Device Videowall.png
Download Center DSS Express Access Download Center.png
Personnel Management DSS Express Device Personnel Management.png
Access Control DSS Express Access Control Icon.png
ANPR DSS Express ANPR.png

  • Windows based server
  • Remote access for Windows, iOS, and Android
  • DSS Mobile for Android: Link to Google Play Store
  • DSS Mobile for iOS: Link to Apple Store
  • Record download supports many formats: dav, avi, mp4, flv and asf.

User Name Password
system 123456

Function Module Listening Port Application Protocol Required Mapping
Client login 80 (NGINX: HTTP) HTTP No
1883(MQ service connected by mobile app) MQ-mqtt (encrypted) Yes
61616 (MQ service connected by client) MQ-openwire (encrypted) Yes
Live View 9100 (MTS service: RTSP) RTSP Yes
9102 (MTS service: RTSPS) RTSP over TLS No
Playback 9320 (SS service: RTSP) RTSP Yes
9322 (SS service: RTSPS) RTSP over TLS No
DeepXplore 9910 (subOSS service) HTTP No
9911 (subOSS service) HTTPS Yes
ANPR 8081 (PTS HTTP image server) HTTP No
8082 (PTS HTTPS image server) HTTPS Yes
40000-50000 (PTS image stream) RTP Yes
Video Intercom 5080 (SC service) SIP registration port (UDP) Yes
20000-30000 (SC service audio stream) Intercom audio stream forwarding port


Intelligent Alarm/Face/Metadata 9900 (OSS service: HTTP) HTTP No
9901 (OSS service: HTTPS) HTTPS Yes
Auto Registration 9005 (admin service) Auto register redirection Yes
9500 (ARS service) Dahua second generation protocol Yes
Access Control 9400 PES Yes

DSS Express V7 Interface

DSS Express Top Bar.png
DSS Express Live View1.png DSS Express Playback.png DSS Express Emap1.png DSS Express Event Center1.png
DSS Express Video Wall.png DSS Express Download Center.png DSS Express Personnel Management.png DSS Express Access Control.png
DSS Attendance Management Icon.png DSS Express Video Intercom.png DSS Visitor Management Icon.png DSS Alarm Controller Icon.png
DSS Express Management.png
DSS Express Device.png DSS Express User.png DSS Express Config.png DSS Express Log.png


Initial Setup

DSS Express V7 Initial Setup
Step 1 Server Install Set IP Address
Step 2 Client Install Video Intercom Initial Setup
Step 3 Add Devices via IP Address Dahua IP Camera ONVIF Dahua Recorder Access Control Dahua Decoder Video Intercom
Step 4 Add Devices via P2P Dahua IP Camera Dahua Recorder
Step 5 Remote Access Portforwarding Setup
Step 6 Playback & Backup Playback Backup via Record Playback Backup via Download Center
Step 7 Mobile Access DSS Mobile 2 DSS Mobile for VDP
Step 8 Update & Troubleshoot Failed to Delete Device Cannot Control PTZ Bad Certificate When Downloading Client