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DSS (Digital Surveillance System) is an all-in-one Central Management System (CMS) / Video Management System (VMS) that encompasses a wide range of features and functions within video surveillance. It manages IP cameras and recorders and is able to connect to third-party cameras via the standard ONVIF protocol.

DSS Products


Models Description Specifications Manual
DSS Express V8 Logo.jpg DSS Express V8 (NEW)
Pay-as-you-go Security Software for SMB
DSS Pro V8 Logo.jpg DSS Pro V8 (NEW)
High Available Security Software for Enterprise
DSS Express Computers image WEB.png DSS Express V7
Easy-to-Use and Reliable Dahua VMS
DSS Pro Image Web.png DSS Pro V7
Comprehensive and Expandable Dahua VMS


Models Image Specifications Quick Start Guide Manual Firmware V7 HDD Max Capacity Max HDD Supported EOL
DHI-DSS7016DR-S2 DSS7016D.jpg
8TB 16 No
DHI-DSS4004-S2 DSS4004.png
8TB 4 No

Mobile App

App Icon Android iOS Description
DSS Agile DSS Agile Icon.png
Mobile monitoring software for DSS V7 that has functions such as live view, video playback, video call and alarm push notifications.
DSS Agile VDP DSS Agile VDP Icon.png
Mobile monitoring software that is designed for Video Intercom Device in DSS Platform.


Default Ports

Function Module Listening Port Application Protocol Required Mapping
Client login 80 (NGINX: HTTP) HTTP No
1883(MQ service connected by mobile app) MQ-mqtt (encrypted) Yes
61616 (MQ service connected by client) MQ-openwire (encrypted) Yes
Live View 9100 (MTS service: RTSP) RTSP Yes
9102 (MTS service: RTSPS) RTSP over TLS No
Playback 9320 (SS service: RTSP) RTSP Yes
9322 (SS service: RTSPS) RTSP over TLS No
DeepXplore 9910 (subOSS service) HTTP No
9911 (subOSS service) HTTPS Yes
ANPR 8081 (PTS HTTP image server) HTTP No
8082 (PTS HTTPS image server) HTTPS Yes
40000-50000 (PTS image stream) RTP Yes
Video Intercom 5080 (SC service) SIP registration port (UDP) Yes
20000-30000 (SC service audio stream) Intercom audio stream forwarding port


Intelligent Alarm/Face/Metadata 9900 (OSS service: HTTP) HTTP No
9901 (OSS service: HTTPS) HTTPS Yes
Auto Registration 9005 (admin service) Auto register redirection Yes
9500 (ARS service) Dahua second generation protocol Yes
Access Control 9400 PES Yes
File Download 9399 (Download by Server, private protocol) TCP Yes
Group Talk 5084 (SIP Registration) UDP Yes
30000-30240 (Group Talk Audio Stream) UDP Yes
Alarm from ONVIF Device 8686 (ONVIF Protocol) TCP Yes

Interfaces and Default Credentials

DSS Express Client DSS Pro Client Username Password
DSS Express Client Login.png DSS Pro Client Login.png system Establish Through Web Manager Portal when user first install the software.

NOTE: This interface is only available on DSS Pro, DSS4004-S2, and DSS7016-S2

Image URL Username Password
2019-05-17 8-22-47.png http://<IPADDRESS> system 123456

NOTE: This interface is only available on DSS Pro, DSS4004-S2, and DSS7016-S2

Image URL Username Password
2019-05-17 8-22-13.png http://<IPADDRESS>/config admin 123456

General Instructions

DSS Hardware and Software

DSS4004 & DSS7016

DSS Solution Project

Parking Lot Entrance Solution

Adding Device Management Comparison Chart

Models P2P IP address Domain Name Auto Register
DSS Express (Standard Version)
DSS Express (License Version)

Performance Comparison Chart

Models Supported video Channels Per Server Onvif Device Support Max. Video Input Bandwidth Per Server Max. Video Output Bandwidth Per Server Max. Number of Slave Servers Per Master Server Max. Write Bandwidth Per Server Max. Read Bandwidth Per Server Max. numbers of users Max. numbers of online users
DSS Express (Standard Version) 64 8 350 Mbps 350 Mbps N/A 150 Mbps 150 Mbps 50 10
DSS Express (License Version) 256 64 350 Mbps 350 Mbps N/A 150 Mbps 150 Mbps 50 10
DSS Pro 2000 800 600 Mbps 600 Mbps 20 600 Mbps 600 Mbps 2500 200
DHI-DSS4004-S2 256 64 350 Mbps 350 Mbps N/A 150 Mbps 150 Mbps 50 10
DHI-DSS7016DR-S2 1000 400 600 Mbps 600 Mbps 5 600 Mbps 600 Mbps 200 50