Products with H.264

Products with H.264

IP Camera

Fish Eye

Fisheye Features

  • Fisheye dewarp
  • 360/180 degree view

Ultra IP Cameras

Ultra Features

  • Ultra-resolution(UHD), Ultra performance
  • Vast storage extendibility, multiple ways of data protection
  • Ultra-industrial design and quality
  • Super performance, enhanced video processing(star light, Ultra WDR)
  • Super storage extendibility, super system reliability(redundant)
  • Enhanced IVS function
  • High environmental tolerance(power, heater option)

Pro IP Cameras

Pro Features

  • High performance, high resolution, professional quality, high decoding/display capability
  • Low storage space consumption, low power consumption, high storage extendibility
  • IVS Support
  • Vast front end form factors, cover almost any application

Lite IP Cameras

Lite Features

  • High cost-effective
  • High reliability
  • Multiple form factors in the front end to suit various application

Wi-Fi Series Cameras

Wi-Fi features

  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi technlogy brings easy installation without cable
  • Easy configuration and connection powered by P2P
  • Plug & Play with Wi-Fi NVR
  • Two-Way audio

Multi-sensor series Cameras

Ultra IP PTZ Cameras

Ultra Features

  • 30x/40x Optical Zoom
  • IVS, Auto-tracking
  • IR Distance up to 500m
  • ±25% Wide Voltage Input
  • -40~70°C Wide Temperature
  • IP67
  • Support Hi-POE

Pro IP PTZ Cameras

Pro Features

  • 2MP, 4X Optical Zoom
  • Pan:0~355°, Tilt:0~90°(22)
  • Pan:0~360°, Tilt:0~90°(29)
  • Max Speed: 100°/s pan
  • IP66+IK10(22)
  • IR Up to 30m(29)
  • WDR+Smart Detection(22)
  • Build-in Microphone(29)
  • POE/WIFI Optional

Lite IP PTZ Cameras

Lite Features

  • 2MP(30x, 20x, 12x, 3x), 1.3MP(20x) Network block camera
  • 60fps@720P, 30fps@1080P
  • 3 ”Low”: Low bit rate, Low light, Low power consumption
  • Ultra DNR, HLC, DWDR
  • ROI Focus, Defog
  • Multiple size PTZ Dome(6”, 5”, 4”, 3”, 2”)
  • High Cost-effective
  • Support PoE/PoE+


Ultra NVRs

Ultra Features

  • NVR700 Series, 600-4K Series
  • Up to 256ch, 512M input
  • High system stability: N+M
  • Disk Array
  • Storage expansion
  • Redundant power optional
  • Intel Based Architecture
  • Intelligent video system

Pro NVRs

Pro Features

  • 5000-4K Series
  • All Channel 1080P Decoding
  • 320M Input, up to 4K support
  • P2P Ready
  • POE
  • Fisheye Dewarping

Lite NVRs

Lite Features

  • 4000 Series
  • Cost Effective
  • 200M input, up to 5M support
  • P2P Ready
  • POE



Ultra Features

  • All channels @1080P real time
  • All channel expandable for 16CH IP
  • 4HDD/8HDD slot
  • Dual HDMI output, good for monitor center
  • Tribrid, self adaptive


Pro Features

  • All channels @1080P real time
  • 2HDD Slot
  • Tribrid, self adaptive, IP up to 5MP
  • The powerful network performance
  • Spot optional for 08/16 series
  • 2D/3D DNR , P2P
  • Alarm/Audio optional


Lite Features

  • All channels @1080P
  • Compact chase
  • Tribrid, self adaptive
  • Spot optional for 16ch unit
  • support full audio/alarm
  • P2P

Pro HD-CVI 3.0 Phase I



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